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How do i work?

I offer one on one sessions online and in person, location permitting. I specialize in adults at midlife, working with you to navigate this vital life stage. Midlife is often seen as a time of crisis, both personally and career wise, a time when marriages, relationships and careers are in crisis. However, midlife is a period of vast potential and in my view, the most potent phase of adult development. I offer a comfortable and confidential space in which to  assess your life, free of expectation or judgement.  My focus is on adult actualization, developing insights and self-awareness, that allow you to live a fuller and richer life.

Why Counselling?

Clients choose counselling when they have reached a crisis point, or when life feels difficult to navigate and understand alone. It may be that you are undergoing changes and need some perspective or direction.  Prolonged anxiety, depression, emptiness, or  loss of meaning or purpose can also be a motivation for therapy. Therapy assists to gain clarity and perspective and result in a deeper, richer and more self- aware life. The benefits of therapy are that it can equip you with different coping mechanisms, allow you to view things from a new perspective, help you to understand your unconscious drives and liberate yourself from behaviours that hold you back. Therapy can also help you navigate conflict, change and stressful situations.
The ultimate goal is to work towards a full, rich, self- aware life.






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How can i help you?

Dr Louisa is a psychotherapist specializing in change at midlife. Let me help you you with changes in your relationships, career, personal growth, better conflict management and in general, getting to know and understand yourself better. Change starts with you, getting to know yourself is the first step.

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